In order not to forget 311

This museum was made at this place by a thought: "in order not to forget 311".

Reconsideration of museum

MOCAF started from a question in 2016: "What if there is a contemporary art museum in Fukushima?". The roles of museum are mainly three: preservation, exhibition and diffusion. But there were some problems. "The role of MOCAF in the context of Fukushima after 311 should be the same as the general museum?. Furthermore, "Considering global problems, today is located in the age that we must rethink many things radically, isn't it?". Therefore, "it is required that we should find a way reconsidering the meaning of museum, isn't it?".

Revolve something

And then, an idea, "museum = a revolving door", was born. "Revolve" has some meanings like "to spin" and "to consider". By coming here MOCAF and literally revolve the door and the body, it may connect to revolve something. The practice and verification of this hypothesis start from today.

Thank you.

March 11, 2021
Director of MOCAF, Yutaro Midorikawa